The Minichess Activities Pack provides a wide range of activities using subsets of chess designed for all children of primary school age. It’s suitable for use both in school and in home. Children below the age of 7 should start here, and some of the activities will also benefit older learners.

My Beginners’ Guide ensures that you know ALL the rules of chess before you start to teach your children or play yourself.

I have three beginners’ courses: one based on worksheets, one on activities an one somewhere between the two. Choose the one you think most suitable, or, if you prefer, download them both and mix & match.

Junior Chess Heroes is a worksheet-based coursebook for younger learners designed to ensure children really understand the basic principles of the game. It’s not for everyone, but children who enjoy, for example, Kumon Maths, may also enjoy learning chess in this way.

Journey Through Chess is an older book combining both methods. It’s written for parents and teachers, not for children, and provides both worksheets and activities. It would be suitable for children starting chess at about 7 or 8.

Chess for Heroes is a beginners’ book for older learners explaining what’s really happening in a game of chess. First, you must understand that you win by having more pieces than your opponent, then you learn how to win your opponent’s pieces, finally how to start the game to make it easier to win your opponent’s pieces.

The Chess Heroes Books

A unique series of books for players who know the basics and would like to play competitively. There’s some overlap, but they can follow on from either of the two courses above. They’re also ideal for chess teachers working at this level. The first four volumes provide the knowledge you need to play a good game, while the Puzzles and Games books enable you to put that knowledge into practice. Click on a title to download.

Checkmates for Heroes
Chess Tactics for Heroes
Chess Openings for Heroes
Chess Endings for Heroes
Chess Puzzles for Heroes

Coming later in 2022: Chess Games for Heroes.

Simple Opening Guides

Back in the 1990s we introduced Richmond Junior Chess Club members to a wide range of openings through our series of simple opening guides. Now revised and updated, they’re available for download as a combined volume here.